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Awesome landscaping ideas that will boost your home’s value in 2022

Having outdoor space on your property is invaluable in this day and age. Depending on its size, the extra square footage is ideal for patios, decks, gardens, porches, barbecues, pools, playground equipment, fire pits, sports courts, and other facets of outdoor living.

Extra outdoor space also means the potential to increase the square footage inside the home. You can extend your kitchen, build another room, or erect another structure like a guest house.

Whether you opt to transform the exterior grounds of your home or extend your indoor living quarters, the outdoor space in your house has value-enhancing potential.

In fact, if you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, upgrading your outdoor space is a great way to increase the value of your home. What you need to do is figure out the right renovations for the buyers you wish to attract, and the ROI of your chosen project.

Outdoor improvements that add value to a home

In 2022, the landscaping and outdoor projects to take note of are:

  • Outdoor kitchens

    An outdoor space is a great place to host parties and celebrations. An outdoor kitchen can be at the center of these events. Consider installing a grill, a brick oven, and other features that a regular kitchen can’t accommodate. Most homebuyers are looking for a home that makes the most of its outdoor space.

  • Fire pit

    Especially if you live in a place where the nights are cold, a fire pit takes full advantage of your backyard. Gathering around a fire pit with family and friends is a cozy and intimate way to entertain. It’s an ideal option for hosting indoor parties, even during the colder months. You can choose to install a permanent fire pit or a portable one.

  • Lighting

    Outdoor lighting enhances the curb appeal of your home. Position outdoor lights so they capture the best features of your home. Not only does landscape lighting improve aesthetic appeal, it’s also a safety feature when it illuminates paths and shadowy corners at night. Improve outdoor lighting before you sell your home.

  • Privacy

    The best landscaping improvements are centered on making the outdoor space prettier, cozier, and more functional. Adding privacy fixtures like fences or hedges is also a great selling point. They make the property look and feel more safe and secure.

  • Irrigation system

    People love a beautiful, verdant garden. However, very few understand the upkeep and maintenance involved in keeping a yard green and healthy year-round. More than investing in the right plants and trees for your outdoor space, it is also crucial to consider an irrigation system to maintain your garden – and convince buyers upkeep can be simple.

Outdoor improvements that will hurt your home’s value

  • Not all renovation projects are created equal. As a homeowner looking to sell their property, you have to be discerning about the projects that you choose to invest in. At the end of the day, just because you see a project as an improvement doesn’t mean a buyer will see it your way.
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis might seem like a fun investment, but they’re not attractive to buyers. These fixtures take a lot of space and require plenty of maintenance.

Stay away from plants and trees that require a lot of attention. This includes plants that shed their leaves frequently, leaving homeowners with a lot of mess to clean up.

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