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Boosting your home’s curb appeal before selling

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There’s one surefire way to make your property more attractive to buyers: boosting curb appeal or making your home attractive to passers-by.

Curb appeal can do wonders on the market. According to a study published by Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, homes with high curb appeal sell for 7% more on average than similarly sized properties with less welcoming exteriors.

Moreover, improving your home’s curb appeal can be done no matter your budget, making it one of the

If you’re thinking of how to sell a house fast, the following ideas can turn your home into an abode that buyers will fall in love with instantly:

Care for your yard

Homes with beautiful gardens and well-tended lawns tend to command higher prices compared to houses that did not have the said features, a 2019 report by HomeLight said.

Because professional landscaping tends to cost upwards of $3,000, consider doing the job yourself. Think of affordable alternatives such as potted plants, flower boxes, low-maintenance shrubs, and container gardens.

Sometimes, just trimming hedges, raking away dead leaves, and mowing and mulching your lawn are enough for an instant facelift.

Clean your driveway and walkways

Scrubbing your driveway and walkways is one of the easiest ways to add to your home’s curb appeal. Use your trusty power washer to blast away years of grime embedded on concrete. You’ll be surprised at how fresh and new everything looks afterwards.

Take the time to inspect your walkways: make sure that stepping stones are secure in place to provide safe footing. Soak pavers in soapy water then scrub with a stiff-bristled brush or broom – avoid wire brushes to prevent damage. For gravel paths, pull out weeds and rake them. If they’re looking a little patchy, top up with fresh gravel.

Brighten your exterior

Illuminating your house’s exteriors can do wonders for its curb value, not to mention enhance security.

You can do this by updating your fixtures and bulbs, as well as by incorporating landscape lighting into your yard.

Good options include LED bulbs for your porch lights and solar-powered lighting and weather-proof energy-saving fairy lights for your garden and outdoor spaces.

Add an eye-catching color

Giving your doors a fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways that you can elevate your home’s curb appeal.

Want to make your door stand out? Use jewel tones like emerald greens and sapphire blues to give it a modern touch. This is especially effective if the rest of your house is painted in a more neutral tone.

Your window sills, trims, and shutters will also benefit from the same treatment, as will any outdoor furniture like porch seats and tables – just make sure that you get paint that’s designed to stand up to the humid continental climate in West Chester and Southeastern Pennsylvania.


Nothing spoils an otherwise perfect view more than unsightly clutter.

You can preserve your home’s neatness and increase its curb appeal by stashing away items like garbage cans, or getting rid of weather-worn outdoor accessories.

Like bulky furniture, keep cumbersome outdoor toys like inflatables in storage.

Pay attention to details

Even the littlest of things can have a profound impact on your home’s charm and overall curb appeal. This includes details like new house numbers, door knockers, door knobs, and railings.

Updating these items can breathe new life to your home – and spur renewed interest.

Get advice from the experts

Selling your home involves sprucing it up and elevating its looks in order to ensure that it gets the attention it deserves from buyers.

If you’re planning on selling your home, tap the services of a real estate professional – just like our team at RE/MAX Direct.

We will guide you through the selling process and give you solid advice on how to best market your property. We can also advise you on improvements you can make to your home to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

More than just being a traditional real estate brokerage, RE/MAX Direct is an agency that offers a variety of cutting-edge solutions, all of which are geared towards helping you sell your home at a top dollar.

Call RE/MAX Direct today at 610.430.8100 or send an email to our team at remaxdirectwc(at)gmail(dotted)com to schedule your consultation. You can also drop your message here to get started.