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Easy Hacks that Make your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Do you ever look around your bedroom and think that it might need an upgrade? Maybe a touch here and there to make it look and feel more luxurious? Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to do that. Here are some simple hacks that can turn your bedroom into one out of a fancy home magazine.

Put up some art

Keep your walls clean and hang up an art piece or two. It can be a painting, a photograph, or even postcards you’ve collected over the years. If an actual painting costs too much, you can buy framed art prints instead. And if you are a dab hand at painting, consider displaying your own work.

Change the lighting

If your bedroom has subtle, recessed, and plain light fixtures, switching it out with a pendant light can add glamor to your bedroom. Pick among numerous elaborate chandeliers and light fixtures that can complement the rest of your room instead of making it look out of place.

Revamp your nightstand

Your nightstand or dresser might be full of clutter or look like it. To keep things looking neat, buy a tray or a small desk organizer. There are plenty of styles to choose from, so you’ll find something that matches your personal taste. Place a select few items, such as your watch or jewelry, and store the rest of the items neatly in the organizer or tuck them away in your nightstand drawer.

Upgrade your lampshade

Lampshades can easily change the look and mood of your bedroom. Pick out something modern with a touch of elegance, such as something with matte metallic accents. You don’t even have to break the bank for this—you can easily find the right piece if you scour bargain shops.

Add some greenery

Adding a nice house plant or two in your bedroom can make the space look and feel luxurious. The bigger, the better. Find a corner and place a lush monstera deliciosa for tropical vibes. If you want something more exotic but modern, rubber trees come in different colors. Fiddle-leaf figs have large leaves and can grow up to 12 meters— a great option if you can only have one indoor plant in your room but want to make a statement.

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry—you can go for ones that are relatively easy to tend to like pothos. Put it in a nice vase or a planter and place it somewhere it can get enough sunlight. You can also opt for a simple hanging aerial planter if you don’t want it to take up floor space.

Switch out your curtains

Even if your bedroom might be on the small side, the type of curtains you use can make all the difference. Opting for floor-to-ceiling drapes can make your room feel bigger and look more luxurious. Choose plain light colors such as white or cream, and use elegant, accented curtain tiebacks for when you want more sunlight pouring in.

Add a rug

Placing a rug is one of the quickest ways to add texture and depth to a room. It can be plain or have a colorful pattern—either way, choose a piece that will complement the rest of your decor. It doesn’t always have to have a fancy texture, such as faux fur. Sometimes even a nice wool rug is enough to spice up your interior.

Out with the old

If your furniture is outdated but don’t have the budget to purchase all-new items, don’t fret! Roll up your sleeves for some DIY. You can easily make your bed frame look new by giving it a fresh coat of paint. If the handles on your dresser drawers seem out of style, you can replace them with new ones made of metal or glass.

Cleaning is key

No matter how you choose to update your bedroom, keeping it clean and clutter-free is key to making it look elegant. Keep your floor free from wires, cables, and things that you can trip on. Stow away the things you don’t really need or use.

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