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Enjoy Fishing and other water activities in these Lake Spots in West Chester PA

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If you love fishing and water activities, you won’t run out of things to do in West Chester, PA. It’s filled with many delightful lake spots. However, there are also many fishing opportunities near West Chester, PA, such as Delaware River and Lake Erie. Anglers can visit several large rivers, such as the Ohio, Allegheny, Monongahela, located in western Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna, which can be found in east Pennsylvania. With so many stocked and Class A lakes and streams within this state, it’s an angler’s dream.

Marsh Creek state park

Marsh Creek State Park is home to the 535-acre Marsh Creek Lake, an excellent fishing spot for warm water species. Experienced anglers have been known to land some 40-inch-long tiger muskies. You’ll find Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, Black crappie, and Panfish in this designated big bass lake. In the winter, ice fishing is permitted at Marsh Creek Lake.

The fun doesn’t stop at fishing. You can also go boating at Marsh Creek State Park, as electric motors are permitted here. Marsh Creek Lake contains two boat launches as well as 244 seasonal mooring slips. It has both good natural terrain and prevailing winds, making it a popular spot with sailboaters. In winter, iceboating is allowed on the lake’s ice. Just make sure that your iceboat displays its state park launch permit. Be aware too that ice thickness isn’t monitored at this lake.

Brandywine Creek state park

Located in nearby Delaware, Brandywine Creek State Park is known for its distinctive gray stone walls. These were made from local stone in the late 1800s, when the park was a dairy farm that was controlled by the du Pont family. This spot was declared a state park in 1965.

Avid anglers can fish for small mouth bass, crappie, and bluegill in Brandywine Creek as well as trout in Wilson’s Run. More adventurous pursuits include canoeing, kayaking, and tubing on the Brandywine. Canoeing is among the park’s interpretive programs, and you can rent canoes, tubes, and kayaks from local outfitters.

Inside Brandywine Creek State Park, you’ll find the Flint Woods Nature Preserve, which spans 138 acres and is the origin of six streams that all make their way eventually to Brandywine Creek.

French Creek State Park

Did you know that French Creek State Park used to be an industrial location for a young United States? Now this park, which spans 7,730 acres, has the distinction of being the biggest piece of contiguous forest between the cities of Washington D.C. and New York. This park contains many lakes where people from West Chester, PA love to fish and boat. You can also swim in the pool located near Hopewell Lake from the hours of 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., starting Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day, unless there are regulations that have been released stating otherwise.

When it comes to boating, electric motors are permitted at French Creek State Park. You can find boat launches at Hopewell Lake and at Scotts Run Lake, which consists of 22 acres. There are also seasonal boat mooring spaces at each lake. They’re available from the first of April until the first of November 1. For more mooring information, get in touch with park management.

Both lakes are also excellent fishing sites. Scotts Run Lake is a coldwater lake where anglers can find coldwater species like trout. This lake is stocked with trout that was raised in a hatchery thrice a year: during the pre-season, the fishing season itself, and during winter.

Anglers who are looking for a challenge will be sure to find it in Hopewell Lake, which has been classified as a big bass lake. Expect to find common fish species like Bass, Walleye, Chain pickerel, Northern pike, Panfish, and Muskellunge. Hopewell lake is also ADA accessible. People with disabilities are allotted a fishing pier located in the area for day use. People who are 16 or older must have a fishing license to fish in this lake.

During winter, ice fishing is allowed at both Hopewell and Scotts Run Lakes, but be aware that ice thickness isn’t monitored.

These are only three of the many state parks that are accessible to West Chester, PA residents. There are many more state parks to explore in the surrounding areas.

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