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Home staging tips that work

Home staging house model and tips for sellers

If you want to sell your house fast and at the price that you want, make buyers feel right at home in your living spaces. This is where proper, well-planned staging comes in.

Staging means sprucing up and presenting your living spaces in a way that makes it easy for homebuyers to visualize your home as their own. Through staging, you create a blank slate where prospective buyers can mentally project their lifestyles and day-to-day activities.

Here are eight tried and tested staging tips to keep in mind if you’re preparing to sell your home:

Declutter and depersonalize

Over the years, your house will have accumulated all sorts of items in addition to your essential furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Personal collectibles, decorative items, and all sorts of little trinkets and memorabilia—these are the bits and pieces you need to start with.

Sort them out to determine which pieces are essential and are worth keeping, and which ones can be discarded, sold, or given away. While these decorative pieces might be attractive or valuable to you, other homebuyers might not feel the same way about them.

Decluttering is also an excellent way to improve flow around your floor plans. For this purpose, consider clearing out small, excessive furniture like ottomans and small desks.

Let plenty of light inside

Bright spaces appear larger and generate a more pleasant and accommodating vibe. Let plenty of sunshine in through your windows during the daytime and brighten up other parts of the house with updated light bulbs or additional lamps. It also helps to hang light curtains instead of heavy drapes, as well as to hang mirrors on walls to reflect light around the house.

Prioritize the most important parts of the house

While staging the living room should be automatic, pay close attention to how you stage your kitchen and the main bedroom. These are the rooms most commonly scrutinized by homebuyers because these are the parts of the house that the next owners will likely use most.

Bathrooms also deserve some attention when staging. Styling your main bathroom like a luxurious spa can elevate its appeal among homebuyers.

Repaint your walls using a neutral color

If your vibrant personality has led you to paint your walls in bright, bold colors during your stay in the house, you’ll have to apply a fresh coat of paint in more subdued hues before you sell it. Neutral colors like cream, gray, taupe, or white are easier for homebuyers to appreciate, whereas vivid splashes of orange or purple can be more distracting—or worse, tacky—to a buyer’s eyes.

Consider renting furniture

To enable your living spaces to make a positive impression, replace your worn out furniture with new pieces, especially those that complement the aesthetic theme of your overall staging design. Working with a home stager can make this easier, because these professionals typically have a portfolio of usable rental furniture or access to a rental service in your area.

Showcase your storage options

Storage is an essential but often overlooked feature in homes for sale. Be two steps ahead of your buyer by clearing your closets, shelves, and storage rooms. Flaunt how much space the next owner can utilize when they move in.

Brightening up closets with small lamps or LED lights also helps make tight storage spaces appear larger.

Stage your outdoor spaces, too

First impressions matter a great deal, so make sure that your home’s curb appeal makes the right impact on a buyer as soon as they drive up in front of your house. Brighten up your house’s façade by cleaning the windows and power washing the walls and roof. Your walkways and driveway can also benefit from a good power wash.

Another quick and effective way to stage your outdoor spaces is to add freshly bloomed flowers to your yard or garden, especially in time for an in-person home showing. If you have ample space in your backyard for entertaining, stage the space accordingly to highlight this feature of your property, as well.

Liven up living spaces with subtle decorative touches

While the first step in this list is to get rid of unnecessary clutter around your house, there are certain decorations that can add life and energy to strategically staged living spaces.

Make your living room feel more accommodating with a vase of flowers in full bloom. Emphasize health and wellness in your kitchen with a bowl of fresh fruit or a plate of freshly baked cookies. Highlight the spa-like vibe of your bathroom with fluffy white towels and maybe even some scented candles. While non-essential, these extra touches add to the appeal of your living spaces, instead of distract from them.

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