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Important qualities to look for in a real estate agent

Finding and hiring the best realtor in Chester County PA

When hiring a real estate agent, home buyers or sellers do a thorough review of their prospects’ professional credentials and qualifications. But evaluations shouldn’t stop there. There’s more to a good Realtor than just their documented qualifications and countable achievements.

Here is a guide to crucial personal traits that can determine the success of your home purchase or sale:

Confidence and clarity in communication

Real estate agents wear many hats—functioning as your liaison, consultant, representative, and even confidant, depending on which stage of the transaction you’re in.

Your agent must be an excellent communicator throughout your partnership. From providing you with insights and advice that will help you make smart decisions, to being able to represent your best interests at the negotiation table, your agent must be able to articulate the finer points required to bring you to your real estate goals.

Also, remember that communication is more than just about being able to speak or write eloquently. Active listening is also an integral part of this skill.

Extensive knowledge of the local community and real estate market

A real estate agent who knows your area like the back of their hand is a reliable source of information.

For sellers, local expertise could mean having access to up-to-date housing market trends and invaluable insights on buyers’ preferences. For buyers, their expertise can bring you essential information on the best neighborhoods to match your needs and interests, or simply some useful advice about the local lifestyle and attractions.

Local experts are also well-connected around the community, giving you quick access to essential service providers such as mortgage lenders, appraisal or inspection companies, repair services, and more.

Attention to detail

Every real estate transaction involves a multitude of moving parts. There are documents to file, forms to fill out, appointments to meet, and multiple parties to keep in contact with.

If you are working on your own, it would be easy to get lost in the finer details of the process. This is where working with an organized and strategic real estate professional significantly improves your experience.

Diligence and proactiveness

In addition to being meticulous and sharp, you’ll also want to have a professional partner who is always two steps ahead of the process. Outstanding Realtors keep an eye open for potential issues and setbacks that can delay and derail your home purchase or sale. That’s why they take careful consideration of every step you take or decision you make throughout the process.

Even if you do encounter problems along the way, you can rest assured that your agent has the ability and flexibility to respond or adapt to the situation. With a proactive mindset, an agent always has contingency plans under their sleeve.


A real estate agent’s professional integrity is always a primary consideration for any home buyer or seller. Combined with effective communication skills, this integrity translates into transparency and honesty that will keep your mind at ease.

You and your agent are working on the same time, so to speak, so it pays to have a partner who is never reluctant to discuss any difficulties or issues that your transaction may be facing.

Passion and tenacity

When faced with a drawn-out real estate transaction, you’ll be in good hands with an agent who consistently exhibits the energy and motivation to keep up. Not only that, they must also be able to sustain a positive and encouraging outlook despite any challenges that pop up along the way.

While interviewing agents, consider how they present themselves—from the way they dress and the tone of their voice, to their posture and gestures. These non-verbal cues can clue you in on an agent’s enthusiasm and passion for their work.

Composure and poise under pressure

Savvy real estate professionals maintain their composure even under the most crucial and most stressful situations, such as the negotiation stage of a home purchase or sale. Guided by their experience and reliance on objective data, their problem-solving mindset will prevail over any problem, whether existing or anticipated. This steadfast attitude will keep your mind at ease throughout any real estate process.

Personal dedication to the client

While working with a Realtor is primarily a professional engagement, it also works best when it’s a genuine relationship. Smooth home buying or selling experiences are the product of having good rapport or chemistry with your agent. Having an agent who is supportive and compassionate toward your needs will pay dividends in leading you toward your real estate goals.

There are agents whose personalities shine and you “click” with them right away. But in cases where you don’t feel an “instant connection” with your prospects, don’t worry; this is where reading client testimonials and referrals will come in handy.

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