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Moving to West Chester, PA? Here’s where you can shop for the right furniture

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One of the very first things that a new homeowner does is personalize their space. That means getting new furniture, lighting fixtures, beddings, little trinkets and decor for their new home.

It’s a good thing then, that Chester County in Pennsylvania has a wide variety of home goods and furniture stores that can help you bring your new space to life.

Use this list for your shopping trip in West Chester, PA.

  1. Dutch Home Furniture
  2. A family-owned and operated business, Dutch Home Furniture is the go-to place for those who want genuine Amish-made, farmhouse-style furniture.

    Specializing in heirloom-quality furniture, Dutch Home Furniture prides itself on using only solid hardwoods like maple, oak, and cherry for its extensive line of handcrafted pieces. No particle boards or laminates in this side of town!

    A one-stop shop, Dutch Home Furniture makes living room, dining room, bedroom, and home office furniture, making it perfect for the discerning homeowner.

  3. The Antique Shop
  4. If you’re looking for unique trinkets, drop by The Antique Shop in Downtown West Chester.

    Run by collectors and antique dealers Alice Thomas and Jean Newsome, The Antique Shop boasts an impressive collection of items, including rare English Staffordshire chinaware and Heisey glassware. A treasure trove in every sense of the word, the shop also has stocks of vintage home goods and kitschy decor, such as Fiesta Ware and iconic Depression Glass items.

  5. Pine + Quill
  6. An artsy lifestyle boutique located right in the heart of West Chester, Pine + Quill specializes in artisanal décor, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, handmade jewelry, and other locally sourced items.

    Pine + Quill also hosts monthly craft and calligraphy workshops, making it the perfect downtown destination for DIY and crafting enthusiasts, as well as those who wish to try their hand at the visual arts.

  7. Blue Chip Furniture and Mattresses
  8. If you’re looking to spruce up your home, you will find a lot of things to love about Blue Chip Furniture and Mattresses.

    Located in South Franklin Street in West Chester, Blue Chip Furniture and Mattresses prides itself on its wide selection of fairly priced and high-quality furniture. The store offers everything, from sectionals to complete dining room sets. You can also count on Blue Chip Furniture and Mattresses to deliver exceptional customer service. Same-day deliveries are available.

  9. Sheffield Furniture & Interiors
  10. If you wish to avoid the generic look of box store items, you will be delighted to learn about Sheffield Furniture and Interiors’ extensive collection of high-quality furniture.

    Aside from carrying a catalog of over 100 fine furniture brands, Sheffield Furniture and Interiors also boasts a multi-awarded team of interior designers. The store also prides itself on its talented in-house craftsmen and their ability to provide customers with expert-level furniture restoration and repair services.

  11. Nile Johnson Interior Design
  12. For the people behind Nile Johnson Interior Design, the name of the game has always been approachable luxury. Founded in 2012, Nile Johnson Interior Design is a boutique design firm that specializes in creating comfortable, curated, and elevated spaces.

    While not a furniture shop in the strictest sense, Nile Johnson Interior Design is the perfect option for those who want a hassle and worry-free home shopping and decorating experience.

    In addition, Nile Johnson Interior Design is a fully online business. They can basically work with virtually anyone from anywhere in the state.

  13. Giunta’s Furniture
  14. Located at Gay Street Plaza Shopping Center, Giunta’s Furniture is a family-owned and operated business that offers a vibrant selection of furniture, light fixtures, beddings, wall art, and seasonal home decorations.

    Aside from carrying items from known brands, Giunta’s Furniture also carries an extensive selection of custom furniture. They also have their own custom woodworker who specializes in crafting décor and other items using reclaimed wood.

    Giunta’s Furniture is also known for replenishing its stocks regularly, which means that each visit is sure to bring surprises like no other.

Contrary to what people might think, furnishing your new home—or revamping your old one, for that matter—doesn’t have to be an overly complicated and overpriced affair. After all, West Chester, PA does carry some of the best furniture and home décor shops in this part of the country.

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