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Staging your home? Here are the top rooms you should focus on.

Best looks of the house when selling

A perfectly executed staging job can give any home a big advantage in a highly competitive market. It showcases each living space by maximizing its potential while defining its intended purpose. Staging your home is one of the best ways to get buyers to imagine themselves living there, making your home more appealing, thereby increasing your chances of landing a top dollar offer.

Staging requires a strategy, however. While you want every square inch of your property to look enticing, focusing on important rooms can create a better overall impact for your property, helping it stick to prospective buyers’ minds when it’s time for them to make a choice. 

In this article, we list down some of the important rooms when it comes to staging, along with some helpful home staging tips for sellers.

Living room

The living room is where all family members gather. You want prospective buyers to see that it will be able to comfortably accommodate their family, whether it’s for the occasional movie night or a dinner party with guests.

Stage your living room in such a way that it serves as a suitable conversation area. You want it to have an organized, minimalist look, without making it look boring. Simple touches like a book on the coffee table or placing a flower arrangement in a stylish vase on a side table will help you create this balance.

Installing several light sources will also help your living room look bright and airy.  


Kitchens aren’t usually a top-of-mind choice when it comes to staging, mostly because they offer limited furniture configurations. But the kitchen is a key factor in any home, so you want to make sure it’s showcased in such a way that it looks spacious, attractive, and functional for its next owners.

Start by decluttering. Aim for no more than three key appliances on your countertops. You can retain a few related items nearby, such as cookbooks or spices and condiments, but put away anything that might look out of place. The same applies to your kitchen cabinets and cupboards as well – you want them to look as neat and organized as possible, since potential buyers will often peek inside. 

You can add a few touches like a newspaper/magazine rack next to the kitchen table, a bowl of fruit on the counter, and some fresh flowers on the breakfast bar to create a warm, cozy environment for your kitchen.  

Dining room

Although dining rooms are often seen as formal, sophisticated spaces, make sure yours doesn’t look too stiff. You want to aim for a classy yet comfortable look. You don’t want your dining room to look dark and empty, especially if its walls have a dark paint color, or the room doesn’t have too many windows. Staging the dining room in such a way to make it look more spacious and functional is the right move. 

The main element of any dining room is of course, the dining table. You want one that’s just the right size for the space, so guests are able to walk around comfortably and food can be served with ease.  

You can set the dining table with elegant place settings, or use decorative items as a focal point. In most cases, it’s better to have something placed on the dining table instead of leaving it empty, as it can feel uninviting for guests.

Master bedroom

Your home’s master bedroom needs to look as comfortable and relaxing as possible. It needs to be decluttered, deep cleaned, and completely inviting, so make sure all of your personal belongings are out of sight and clothing items are stored. Take out any pieces of décor that might attract too much attention.

Make the bed look welcoming by using freshly washed linens, and maybe add a few throw pillows or an extra blanket near the foot of the bed. Switch on lamps placed on your nightstand, and add some items like a book or an alarm clock, in case you don’t want them to look empty. 

Consider removing unnecessary pieces of furniture if it’ll make it easier to walk through the space. In case the bedroom is large enough for a seating area however, highlighting the extra space by adding a comfortable chair or two and a small table might be a good idea. 

Take a look at our Seller’s Guide for more helpful home selling tips.  

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