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The best pet-friendly restaurants in West Chester, PA

There are a lot of fun things to do in West Chester, PA, from fishing and water activities to art appreciation excursions. But everyone can agree that West Chester is more fun when you bring your pets along. Take eating out, for instance—nothing beats capping off a day out by dining with your furry friends in tow.

If you and your pets are food connoisseurs, check out the following pet-friendly restaurants in West Chester, PA.

  1. Sabatino’s Grill
    901 E Boot Rd, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 610.701.3399

    Sabatino’s Grill is one of the most popular pizzerias in West Chester. They offer a wide range of Italian favorites, from classic Neapolitan pizzas to gourmet pizzas and stromboli that you can’t get anywhere else. American classics are also served here, such as hoagies, burgers, and wraps. And if you’re keeping an eye on your health, Sabatino’s Grill also has a gluten-free menu.

    You can get outdoor seating with your pet—just sit back and relax and give your furry friend a meatball or two.

  2. Four Dogs Tavern
    1300 W Strasburg Rd, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 610.692.4367
    Winter hours: Closed Mondays to Wednesdays

    It would be ironic for a restaurant to have these furry friends in its name and not be pet-friendly. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with Four Dogs Tavern.

    Established in 1996, Four Dogs Tavern boasts a dog-friendly, fun, and casual atmosphere. They have a variety of offerings to choose from—including charcuterie plates, fish and chips, flatbread, and turkey burgers. You can also enjoy a good pint of draft beer or a nice glass of wine if that’s more up your alley.

    Check out their full menu here.

  3. Teca
    38 E Gay St, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 610.738.8244
    Closed Mondays

    Teca brings together old-world Italian flavors and new world upscale casual dining. They have a curated selection of pasta, panini, salads, and mains. You can also opt for tapas-style dining if you don’t feel like eating a full-blown meal. Teca has a fine selection of wines to choose from, hailing from all over the world. They also offer sidewalk seating for those with pets but call ahead to make sure they have available seating.

    Check out their website to view their full menu, daily specials, and special offers.

  4. Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
    3 W Gay St, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 610.738.9600

    Iron Hill Brewery is a regional chain of restaurants that offers in-house craft beer and handcrafted food. They have a wide range of food to choose from, from tacos and hearth-baked pizzas to burgers and their brewhouse entrees, making it a local bonafide favorite.

    As for drinks, Iron Hill has dozens of beers available for your perusal, as well as signature cocktails, wines, and bottled reserves. Their West Chester location has sidewalk seating available for you and your furry friends. Call ahead to make sure they have vacant seating and check out their website for their happy hour schedules.

  5. JACO Juice and Taco Bar
    8 W Gay St, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 610.436.4177

    If you’re out on a morning or afternoon run with your dog, you can stop by JACO for some hearty post-workout food. They offer a long list of granola and grain bowls, bagels, breakfast burritos, tacos, and everything in between.

    To quench your thirst, JACO also offers a range of fresh fruit smoothies and freshly pressed juices for cleansing and more. JACO has ample outdoor seating for you and your pet. Check out their website for the full menu.

  6. Gemelli Dessert Café
    12 W Market St, West Chester, PA
    Tel: 484.557.8482
    Closed Mondays

    If you’re in the mood for some artisanal gelato and desserts, Gemelli is the place to be. The cafe offers authentic Italian gelato made with farm-fresh and all-natural ingredients. The team makes everything from scratch—even the peanut butter. They also boast dessert items such as tiramisu and mascarpone. Gemelli serves coffee and organic loose-leaf tea to balance out the sweetness. Take a look at their full menu here.

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