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The top schools in West Chester, PA

The West Chester Area School District encompasses 10 elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools. It boasts above-average test scores in reading, with the best schools performing similarly well in both math and science. Not only do students here excel, but they also enjoy a variety of activities apart from academics.

Read on to find out more about the top schools in the area.

Elementary schools in West Chester, PA

Glen Acres rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #1

Glen Acres boasts above-average test scores in science, followed by English and math.

The school’s notable programs include:

  • Physical education. The school has a rock-climbing wall and an arboretum to encourage exercise and a love for the outdoors.
  • LifeSkills Training (LST) Program. In this program, students from the third to fifth grades learn self-awareness, good behavior, and social skills.
  • Co-curricular programs. Groups like Typing Island, Study Island, and First in Math make sure that students fully understand what they’re learning in the classroom.

Exton rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #2

Exton students scored at least 85% in English proficiency and at least 74% in math. They also enjoy the school’s band classes, where students in the fourth and fifth grades learn to play instruments like the flute, saxophone, and trombone.

East Goshen rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #3

East Goshen has above-average scores in English. also grades the school highly in science, with East Goshen students gaining an average test score of 91%.

A highlight of the school is its December concert, where students taking band, string, and chorus classes perform for their parents. If you want to see your child perform a solo, you can look forward to East Goshen’s spring concerts when band, string, and chorus classes hold separate performances.

Middle Schools in West Chester, PA

J.R. Fugget rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #1

J.R. Fugget Cougars have above-average test scores, scoring the highest in English. Apart from academics, this middle school also has a comprehensive sports program. It has teams representing the school in basketball, track, soccer, wrestling, and more.

If your child loved playing with the school band in the elementary grades, they’ll be excited to sign up for this school’s jazz band and orchestra. They can also join other clubs like the Science Olympiad, Math Counts, or even the Film Society.

Stetson rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #2

Stetson students earned above-average test scores in English and Science. Apart from having home teams in football, volleyball, soccer, and cross country, the school also hosts sixth-grade intramurals. Participating students can wrestle, play basketball, and even show their tennis and lacrosse skills. Stetson also has its own cheerleading team.

E.N. Pierce rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #3

Pierce middle schoolers have above-average test scores, with highest scores in English. Besides sports, students can join groups like the Newspaper or Astronomy Club and even a Dungeons and Dragons group.

High Schools in West Chester, PA

West Chester East rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #1

Apart from being West Chester’s top high school, West Chester East offers programs that build your teenager’s confidence. These include:

Bayard Rustin rating: A+
U.S. News ranking: #2

Bayard Rustin boasts a 98% graduation rate, with its students scoring average SAT scores of 1,200. This academic institution also encourages holistic development among its students through various clubs that give them venues to enhance their skills in different endeavors, including dance, debate, and even e-sports. Bayard Rustin students also have their own student-run literary magazine, Idryo.

Henderson rating: A
U.S. News ranking: #3

Like all high schools in the West Chester, PA school district, Henderson offers Advanced Placement classes. In fact, 52% of the school’s student population took at least one A.P. class.

Recently, Henderson student Pranitha Anoor created an early detection algorithm that helps spot brain tumors in MRI scans. Her research was published in the National High School Journal for Science.

Besides excelling in science, Henderson also has what it calls a tech-ed program where students build and sell custom-made furniture for the community.

Getting noteworthy education for your kids is among the more essential things to do in West Chester, PA. For more information on the venues for learning here, as well as the lovely homes that match your lifestyle and needs, come to us at RE/MAX Direct. Call us at 610.430.8100 or email remaxdirectwc(at)gmail(dotted)com.