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Ways to increase your home value before selling

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Are you looking to sell your home? Letting go of your property may not be as easy as you think. Apart from the emotional connection you have with your house, there are other aspects you need to deal with when selling your property. Understanding these things will help you sell your house faster.

Before you put up the “for sale” signage, check out some of the most important home selling tips below.

Perform the essential updates

Kicking off our home sellers guide is the need to update your home’s essential elements. These can be small items that play crucial roles in terms of a home’s comfort and functionality.

For starters, check the condition of your water heater and furnace. Prospective buyers consider these two as essentials, especially during the colder months. Moreover, look at your home’s electrical panel and see how old it is. If it is close to 20 years old or more, buyers may shy away from your property.

The same thing goes for your cooling system. Buyers wouldn’t want to spend substantially on repairs after securing the property. Make sure to update or repair them before selling.

Do some deep cleaning

One of the secrets to creating a solid first impression on buyers is to keep your property nice and clean before opening it for public viewing. Thus, you need to perform some deep cleaning, especially inside the house.

One of the first things to target is your carpet. However, your usual vacuuming routine won’t cut it this time. Instead, you need to hire a professional company that specializes in home cleaning.

Also, be sure there are no visible scuffs on your cabinets, tables, and other furniture. Keep your floors, tiles, and walls blemish-free. Additionally, make sure there are no foul smells in any corner of your home.

Mind your walls and paint job

Speaking of walls, examine the current paint job and consider replacing it with a fresh coating. This is one of the fastest ways to inject energy into your home. But before you do so, check if there are any cracks and damages that need to be repaired. If you have walls made of weatherboard, you may need to replace the damaged panels.

If your walls feature bricks, examine if there are small gaps that need some filling. When it comes to the paint, avoid going for bold colors. Instead, stick to a more neutral palette like grey, tan, and beige. If you wish to add more character, you can add an accent color in key areas like your bay window or nooks.

Don’t forget your yard and landscaping

If you have a lot of plants and shrubs in your yard, you need to give them a good round of pruning, trimming, and potting. Prune the trees and shrubs to eliminate any patches. These can grow unevenly and cause an unwanted sight.

Take out any dead plants and add some new ones to give your yard a boost of freshness. Also, invest in good yard lighting. You want your garden to look inviting at night. You’ll never know when a prospective buyer will drive by at night to catch a glimpse of your property.

Kitchen improvement is a must

If you were to name the top three areas in your house that you need to improve on, your kitchen is no doubt one of them. The kitchen is something that most home buyers will look at first. They want a kitchen that’s clean and functional. However, they also do not want the kitchen to be overly fancy.

Upgrading to marble benchtops and brand new stainless steel items may backfire on you. Instead, focus on updating your cabinets by repainting them with some white paint. As for the old handles and hinges, replace them with new ones.

If you really want to push your luck on stainless steel appliances, pick the entry-level ones. You will find some good ones in your outlet stores. Also, consider replacing your old countertop with granite.

Revitalize your bathroom

Like your kitchen, the bathroom is another important space that you need to work on. Your bathroom is a place where you re-energize and reinvigorate after a long day. But when was the last time you gave your bathroom a revamp?

You don’t need to spend a lot to give it a new look. For starters, replace your old bath faucet. Change your old showerhead with a new and sharp-looking one. You may also update your bath vanity by adding a marble countertop. If you wish to spend less, go for slab granite countertops that cost under $100 per square foot.

Get some new lights

Of the different home staging tips for sellers, this one is easy to do. The quality of lights that you use at home also adds to its appeal. Thus, replace your old and busted light bulbs with LED lights. If you have old switches and outlet covers, consider replacing them as well.

You also want to illuminate those dark areas. This is important especially when buyers visit late in the afternoon.

Door and window upgrade

Last but not least, consider updating your doors and windows. Old doors and windows fail when it comes to energy efficiency. Hence, they contribute to your monthly electric consumption. Replacing your windows and doors automatically increases your home’s resale and curb values.

By implementing these updates, you can make your home more appealing to buyers. With increased interest in your property comes the ability to command a higher selling price. If you feel you’re ready to sell your house but don’t know where to start, let our experts at RE/MAX Direct help you out.

Through our extensive real estate experience, we will teach you how to sell a house fast. We can also guide you on the right steps in selling a commercial property and a residential one. Give us a call at 484.467.8480 or send us an email at remaxdirectwc(at)gmail(dotted)com.