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Who are the top employers in and around West Chester, PA?

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If you recently moved to this side of Pennsylvania, you’re likely looking for things to do in West Chester, PA. This city in Delaware County is home to museums and other cultural spots. It also boasts some parks and other outdoor attractions for the entire family to enjoy.

Discovering fun things to do in West Chester, PA is easy. When it comes to employment opportunities, it can be a different story. Nevertheless, there are many companies from various industries to consider.

The question now is who are these top employers in the county? If you’re searching for a job here in the city of Chester, we invite you to check out our list of some of the best companies to work for, appearing in no particular order.

BPS Direct

If you love the outdoors, you will likely enjoy working at BPS Direct. This American company specializes in retailing hunting, camping, and fishing equipment. The great thing about BPS Direct is that they welcome diversity especially when it comes to the demographic backgrounds of their employees.

Their aim is to provide the highest level of online shopping experience. They ship their products and seal them in a reliable yet easy-to-open packaging. As for the job openings, the choices are extensive. They usually have openings for team leads, outfitters, and cashiers, among others.


If your background is in printing and turnkey solutions, ANRO is a good company to look into. It is also one of the oldest full-service printing companies dating back to the early 1950s.

Compared to other tech companies, ANRO is relatively small. It has around 150 employees and produces annual revenue of $30M. Nevertheless, it provides notable services, earning them the 18th spot in the “Best Companies to Work for in West Chester, PA” list.


Another tech company worth noting is PrimePay. The company offers HR solutions for small businesses that are looking to improve their payroll and other HR-related tasks. Established in 1986, PrimePay made its way up to becoming one of the best companies to work for in the city, according to Zippia’s esteemed list.

It is also home to over 600 employees and boasts an average annual revenue of $175M. As for the job opportunities, PrimePay is on the hunt for regional managers, sales account executives, and production specialists.

EBS Healthcare

If your background is in the healthcare sector, you may find a home in this company. EBS Healthcare focuses on helping special educators and therapists in their respective fields. The company is home to some of the best physical and occupational therapists, as well as speech pathologists and special education teachers.

Compared to other healthcare companies in the city, EBS Healthcare is medium-sized with around 960 employees. They all work together to generate an average of $170M in revenue.

Interestingly, EBS Healthcare started as a non-profit organization over three decades ago. From there, it grew to be one of the most respected in special education and pediatric therapy.


If you want to build a career in the courier industry, FedEx is one of the most trusted not only in West Chester but also around the world. It made its name by delivering top-notch transportation and logistics services across the globe.

Here in the city, FedEx is looking for professionals like software engineers, full-stack developers, and software developers. It is also home to over 425,000 employees worldwide. Additionally, it registers an average annual revenue of $65.5B.

Nobel Learning Communities

Do you love teaching preschool kids? Or perhaps you have some background educating elementary and high school students? Then Nobel Learning Communities can be the opportunity you’re looking for.

The company oversees a national network of private schools. The pupils range from preschoolers to high school students. Interestingly, it also made Zippia’s list of the “Best Companies to Work for in West Chester, PA.”

Here, you may find opportunities to become a teacher in preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. If you have extensive experience, you may also apply as an assistant head of a school.

Penn Medicine

Are you a medical doctor? You may consider continuing your practice in West Chester as a physician in Penn Medicine. It is one of the leading world-class medical centers in all of Pennsylvania. It specializes in clinical care by hiring some of the best medical practitioners in the country.

Whatever your specialization may be, you will likely find a spot in Penn Medicine. They have job openings for pulmonologists, cardiologists, and family physicians. They also have spots for lead nurses, assistant nurses, and patient services associates.

Ace Hardware

Do you have a significant background in retailing? Do you love sorting all types of home improvement products? Then a spot in Ace Hardware may be waiting for you.

The company grew into a multinational brand specializing in the retail of hardware and non-grocery items. Hence, they have openings for traffic managers, territory representatives, and warehouse specialists.

These are only a few of the top employers you will find in and around West Chester city. Even with the ongoing pandemic, a little patience and determination will lead you to the right job opportunity. In case you’re still contemplating a move to West Chester, we can have one of our experts here in RE/MAX help you out.

Our agents have deep knowledge of the local real estate scene. They know the best spots where you can find a good home to purchase. They can even point you to the awesome attractions and the best parks in West Chester, PA!

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